Private Motor Insurance Policy

This policy is applicable to vehicles used for personal, social and domestic purposes. See the types of coverage we offer below:

Loss or Damage to Your Vehicle(s)

  • A Comprehensive Motor Policy protects you from almost any accidental damage to or loss of your car (but there are always exceptions – please read your policy).

Liability to Third Parties

  • This cover protects you (the insured) and authorized drivers against legal liability with the vehicle within the Limits of Indemnity. These limits are defined in your policy.
  • The policy has different Limits of Indemnity for Third Party Bodily Injury or Death, Third Party Property Damage or Passenger Liability and is designed to conform with Bahamian statute law.

Additional Benefits

  • Additional benefits are either included or are provided as part of an options package. Ask us about protection against loss or costs related to:
  1. protection and removal of the vehicle following an accident
  2. medical expenses
  3. vehicle accessories
  4. personal property
  5. replacement of keys & locks
  6. personal accident benefits
  7. No Claims Discount Protection
  8. Loss of Use (rental car costs),
  9. zero deductible &/or increased limits for Windshield Damage
  10. legal costs,
  11. vehicle in custody of a Motor Trader

Our agents will advise you on which benefits are included and which are optional.

Home Insurance Policy

Your Home Policy provides several Sections or Covers, each of which provides a different kind of protection, some of which may be optional.


  • This cover will include your home and its fixtures and fittings (which might involve several buildings, garages or sheds on the same site) along with other site improvements like a pool, tennis court, waterside structures (dock, seawall, etc. requiring special rating), walls and fences, plant & equipment, landscaping (excluding plants and soil), gazebos, patios, pathways, etc.
  • Catastrophe Perils – in the tropics the cover that includes Catastrophe Perils (the definition of same is important but mainly includes Hurricane Cover for us) is a major portion of the fully comprehensive home policy premium – you do have a more affordable option in the Home Cover Excluding Catastrophe Perils, but that would expose you to more risk. Renters will not require this cover – the property owners would be expected to provide the cover.


  • This cover will protect most contents of your home as an owner or renter/occupier and is optional.
  • Catastrophe Perils – the same comments apply as under Buildings above.

Personal Possessions (‘All Risks’)

  • This cover extends the cover on specified items to be more comprehensive (including accidental damage) and also extended outside of the home and even on trips outside of The Bahamas (limits may apply) – this is often used to protect personal jewellery, electronics, clothing and baggage.


  • Premises Liability – as owner or occupier of your home this cover protects you (and your family normally resident with you) against legal liability within specified limits for bodily injury or property damage to third parties (e.g. slip & fall, tile falls off the roof, etc.) – but this excludes liability to domestic employees.
  • Personal Liability – this protects the Insured and his co-resident family members against legal liability, while acting in a personal capacity, for bodily injury or death or property damage to third parties.
  • Domestic Employers Liability – if you have 1 or more domestic employee(s) then you should opt for this cover to protect your liability in this regard.
  • Tenant’s Liability – as a renter/tenant you may have some responsibility for damage to the building/unit depending on your lease – this is an optional cover with a smaller limit that reflects the fact that the owner is expected to have his/her own full cover in place.

Additional / Restricted Benefits

  • Additional benefits &/or limits are either included or are available as part of an options package. These benefits include protection against loss or costs related to:
  1. Rent &/or Alternative Accommodation
  2. Underground Services
  3. Glass or Sanitary Ware
  4. Satellite Systems
  5. Professional Fees
  6. Debris Removal
  7. High Risk Items and more!

Ask our agents about the various benefits & restrictions that may apply

Contractor’s ‘All Risks’ Insurance Policy

Can be taken out by the owner/employer/principal or the contractor – see the Commercial Insurance section for more details.

Yacht & Pleasure Craft Insurance Policy

Loss or Damage to Your Yacht

Third Party Liability

Passenger Liability

Water-skiing or –towing Liability

Medical Expenses